सर्व साँझा रूहानी मिशन

Pujya SANT Sh. Jiwan BIR Ji Maharaj is the founder of "SARV SANJHA RUHANI MISSION" ( Regd. ) Jalandhar. which tells the people how to survive in the world. He tells the people to faith in GOD. This mission also serve the poor peoples.. like we organised the free Medical camps, distribute the sweaters and also many more things for poor peoples. SLOGANS OF MISSION ARE "Sab Kuch Tera , Tere Arpan" , "Banna Ek Acha Insan, Yehi Sabka Dharam Imaan".

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    Religious and Educational Newspaper of Jalandhar which is owned by Sarv Sanjha Ruhani Mission (Regd.) Jalandhar

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